One Week

I was released to my parents’ house on Thursday afternoon after a “stable scan.” God is good, and our girls are fighters! Piper’s heart looked a little better than in the echo and Avery’s bladder was possibly a tiny bit bigger. Please keep praying! (We also had another fun visit from Annie and Kim. Annie’s scans were ALL CLEAR!)

Their fluid levels were about the same as the day before and their measurements put Piper in the 50th percentile and Avery in the “under 5th” percentile. Dr. Espinoza expressed most of his same concerns (avoid infection, avoid labor, keep praying), and we went over a tentative plan. I am “home” at my parents’ on bedrest and an increased fluid/increased protein diet. I will see him every Monday and Thursday starting this coming week.  Please pray for improvement. We continue to pray for a miracle that will leave our entire team of doctors with no explanation but God.

Long term plans, for now, are to get steroid shots at 23 weeks and possibly be admitted to the hospital between 23-24 weeks. We will meet with the neonatologist at that time and monitor the girls closely.  Our goal is 28 weeks, but we are hoping we can make it longer.

Val spent all day Thursday organizing my parents’ house, getting ready for us to come “home.” She has made countless calls and emails helping us with childcare for Grayson and Emery. She even took the boys for haircuts–something I had scheduled for last Friday, but of course, we didn’t make it. My mom, who spent hours at the hospital with us the past week, is now loving our kids, serving us meals, replenishing my water…I’m truly overwhelmed by the love that is being POURED on us.

Daniel is here, and his brother, Taylor, his wife, Ashley, and their kids drove to The Woodlands this weekend! It has been so good to be out of the hospital and to take my mind off of all that has happened in the past week, but I can’t help but think about and pray for our girls every second of the day. I struggle with moments of anxiousness and fear, but they are moments.  I know it is answered prayers that for the most part I am able to rest in Him. Thank you to everyone who has brought a meal, offered rides and childcare, sent a message of encouragement, and prayed for our girls. We are beyond blessed by a community who loves us and our family and praises God for what He is doing.  He is good. He is faithful. But we want our girls here. Please keep praying!

“For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37


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