Up and Down

We were told this journey would be long, up and down, and trying.  We are very quickly finding that to be true.  Our ultrasound earlier in the day showed the girls to be stable. Praise God! Their fluid levels were low but existent, their heartbeats were strong, and we even got some pictures of their precious profiles. Oh how we love our sweet girls. We had a few visitors—my mom who has been up here every day, all day. And my sister Kim and sweet Annie stopped by to say hi. (They are here for Annie’s scans. Please pray for them to be completely clear and for a great report tomorrow.)

fullsizerenderWe later had an echo to get a closer look at both of their hearts. The cardiologist said Avery’s heart, “the little one,” looks to be functioning fine.  She had no concerns at all. Only God!  Piper’s heart is showing improvement—the original reversal that caused the “stage 3” diagnosis is improving and there is low to moderate build up in her lower ventricles.  She seemed to be optimistic overall and scheduled a follow up echo in two weeks.

I returned to my room feeling encouraged and a little stronger.  A few minutes later, Dr. Espinoza, who is absolutely the most compassionate doctor I have ever met, came by and explained that he wants to do a repeat ultrasound tomorrow. He wants to check in on Piper’s heart one more time and also take more extensive measurements of both girls.  After I asked him plenty of questions that had been flooding my mind, he expressed concern that Avery’s “piece of the placenta” may not be big enough to sustain her life.  He went on to explain that her fluid may not be accumulating because she isn’t getting enough blood flow from the placenta to create urine. This is not certain but something we are going to watch closely.  I asked when we would expect to see significant improvement and he said three weeks.  Please pray for her life.  We know that God is able to give her exactly what she needs to grow and thrive.  We are asking Him to do it…soon! His final, main concern continues to be to avoid infection and labor.  If we can accomplish those two things, it will give the girls time to recover and grow.

Daniel has been in Midland for a few days, our kids have been in the best care of Nini and Craigy and their aunts and uncles, and plans seem to be somewhat falling into place for the next couple of months. Without a doubt, God is with us.  Although throughout the day I wonder why He chose us for this trial, I know He has a purpose and He is here.  Thank you all for your continued prayers.  We need them now more than ever.  Thank you for joining us on this journey.  Your texts, facebook messages, Instagram comments, every one of them has been such an encouragement. Thank you!


Prayers for today:

  • Continued improvement in Piper’s heart
  • Avery’s portion of the placenta to be exactly enough for her to grow
  • Increased fluid in both sacs
  • The leak to be sealed
  • No sign of infection or labor
  • Daniel to travel safely to us on Friday
  • Our kids to adjust to this temporarily upside down life
  • Jesus to be made known through our journey

“My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me.” Psalm 63:8


7 thoughts on “Up and Down

  1. Sweet Lisa- I am praying for your precious girls and that God give you strength and the doctors wisdom! 🙏

    Love, Darby 💕


  2. Praying for your list….and that you have piece of mind to your question “why” …but that God reveals “how to use” this upside down turmoil in the now and days to come….YOU ARE ALL precious in his sight….no matter what! Loving on your across the state.


  3. Lisa praying for your sweet family. If I could take some food to your house over the next couple of months I would be honored to. I don’t know what help you need but I can be there when needed.


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